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Physical Education at H.D. Cooke

Children explore a variety of topics related to health, physical fitness, and nutrition. We emphasize establishing healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Students learn how to maintain a healthy level of physical fitness. Also they will learn about heart-healthy nutrition and how to improve their eating habits.

Students are expected to perform only at their own level. Our goal is to help each student strive for and recognize individual gains in his or her fitness level. Physical education not only teaches the psychomotor domain but the cognitive and affective domain as well. The goal is to have all students experience success. We do not stress competition. Instead we stress that if you do your best then you are a winner. Good sportsmanship and teamwork are very important not only in the gym but in real life situations. Good sportsmanship is always required in class.

Specials at H.D. Cooke:
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