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Art at H.D. Cooke

All students at H.D. Cooke have art class once a week. This provides learning opportunities for the artistically talented, as well as for students who may never produce art outside the classroom.  In whichever category a child is in, art class is a learning, encouraging and enriching part of each student’s day.  My overall goals are to motivate students to express themselves visually and creatively through artistic thought and action.


Students have the opportunity to create art in a wide variety of mediums.  These include oil pastel, pencil, colored pencil, paper mache, yarn, paint, watercolor, collage and mixed media techniques. During the school year, various student artwork is on display throughout the building.

Every spring, DCPS holds its annual student art exhibition.  Each school is able to select student artwork to display for the duration of the exhibit.  Last year, Cooke was able to showcase ten works for art each by a different student.  It is an honor for both the students and the schools art program to be able to share our hard work from the year with the DCPS community.

Check out work by our budding artists:

Specials at H.D. Cooke:
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