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H.D. Cooke: A DCPS Global Studies School

What is "The World in DC"?

"The World in DC" is a multi-year collaboration between H.D.Cooke and Project Zero, a research group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


The project takes the local culture of the city (its ethnic diversity, cultural life, neighborhood identities, cultural organizations and international presence) to nurture a form of global thinking that opens students' minds and engagement with the world.

Visit Harvard's Project Zero for more information or email Ms. Marci Jones

Why Global Studies?

Our aim is to contribute to the growth mindset necessary for success in our students academic and social lives during their time at H.D.Cooke and beyond.

The Global Studies program at H.D.Cooke challenges students to think deeply and critically about their learning and world around them.

Through "The World in DC" project our goal is to have our students investigate the world, recognize different perspectives, communicate ideas, and take action.

Visit DCPS Global Education for more information about global programming in DCPS. 

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